Bicycle tire patch


Bicycle tire repair tool - tire patch!
With the continuous development of tire, the technology of tire repair is becoming more and more advanced and convenient. Here are some of our common tire repair technology, such as: the most common traditional patch, and now lightweight patch.
Because of its low technology, low price, high cost performance and stable performance, the traditional patch can be used normally if the tire is tied up. Therefore, it is the choice of many bicycle repair shops and riders.
However, due to the long operation time of tire repair and the dependence on glue, if it is necessary to repair the tire, it is found that the glue is dry.
Now there is a kind of tire patch, just like we use transparent glue, which is easy to operate, small in volume and does not occupy space. But sandpaper should be prepared, and the price is too high compared with the traditional patch.
Another is the ultra-thin tire patch, which is more suitable for road vehicles, but with low cost performance.
Compared with the three kinds of tire patch, Tianjin bicycle manufacturer Xiaobian still recommends that you use the traditional tire patch. Although it takes a lot of space, it has a large volume, and it also depends on glue, so it takes a long time to operate.
Xiaobian thinks that the cost performance and reliability are what we need. When we prepare the tire patch, we only need to prepare a few more pieces of glue.

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