Methods of bicycle maintenance


1. Tips for uniform tire stress
The front wheel of a bicycle is severely worn on both sides of the tire due to turning; the rear wheel is more stressed, and the front tire is worn faster. It is better to exchange the front and rear tire once a year, and change the left and right directions of the front and rear wheels, so that the wear degree of the two tires is roughly the same. Tianjin bicycle manufacturer
2. Tips for bicycle pedaling repair
The main reason for riding space-time pedals or sometimes driving space-time pedals is that the jack spring in the flywheel is out of order, worn or broken. Repair method: clean the flywheel with kerosene to make the jack spring not stick, or correct or replace the jack spring.
3. Repair tips for out of round wheels
The bicycle wheel is not round because of the uneven tightness of each part of the strip. When adjusting, you can use chalk to measure the flat part of the rim, and then loosen the strip in this area, and tighten the strip in the wide part to correct it.
4. Bicycle brake failure repair tips
Bicycle brake failure is very dangerous, especially when traveling. Teach you tips: first loosen the loose brake nut, tighten the brake, so that the distance between the brake shoe and the rim is 3-5mm, and then tighten the brake nut. If the left and right brake shoes are asymmetric, install the front and rear wheels, or eliminate the axial drift of the rim, or correct the brake fork.

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