What should be paid attention to in folding bicycles


In recent years, the folding bicycles on the market have the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient to go up and down stairs, and can be placed in the trunk of the car. More and more people like and accept them, and they are becoming more and more popular. Compared with ordinary bicycles, folding bicycles are foldable. However, because they can be folded, their overall design must meet higher requirements. At present, both the supply and demand sides of the production and use of folding bicycles are relatively prosperous, and the quality of folding bicycles is also uneven. Many consumers enjoy the convenience brought by folding bicycles, but also experience the pain it brings. For example, Ms. Guan Fang of Yunmeng County complained that she spent 280 yuan to buy a "red apple" folding bike. Due to defects in quality and design, the folding buckle often tripped and fell when riding, which threatened her life safety.
Pay attention to the following points when buying folding bicycles:
1、 Observe carefully. First of all, observe the surface of the bicycle, whether the paint surface is smooth, whether there are impurities and obvious color difference, whether there are paint dropping and obvious scratches, and whether the welding process of the frame is exquisite. If the front fork, the frame and the rear fork will rub against each other after the car is folded, because it should be folded frequently to prevent the car from turning into a painted face. Finally, from the coordination of frame shape and main configuration to see the quality of the whole vehicle, stand behind the wheels to see the frame, whether the left and right clearance between the tire and the rear triangle of the frame is uniform; stand behind the wheels to see whether the front and rear wheels are in a straight line. If both are visually skewed, there must be something wrong with the car.
2、 Measure with ruler. When some consumers buy, they blindly pursue the convenience of handling, and buy the model with small wheel diameter. However, the smaller the wheel diameter is, the more convenient it is to carry, but the worse the riding effect is. The diameter range of a better folding bicycle wheel should be between 12 and 20 inches. The 16 inch product is more suitable for short distance riding, and the 20 inch product is more suitable for long distance riding. Not only is riding comfort better than 16 inch, but also the frame strength will be higher and the service life will be longer. Riding below 12 inches is very poor. It is recommended to be careful before buying. At present, there is a folding car with a diameter of only 6-8 inches on the market. After folding, the volume is very small, but if it is used in daily use, it is not feasible. If you want to ride briskly, the distance from the head tube of the frame to the seat tube is generally 430-530mm.
3、 Think it over. From the frame material, there are mainly aluminum and steel. Female. You often need to carry your car up and down stairs. It is recommended that you choose aluminum frame products. Most of these cars are about 10kg, and 20 inch ones are generally less than 12.5kg. Not only is it light in weight, but also the aluminum frame products have longer service life and no rust. Of course, don't ignore the strength of the frame. Some manufacturers just focus on the weight. In fact, they reduce the weight by reducing the thickness of the frame material. It's difficult to ensure that the frame has enough strength. It's best to ride a few laps on the spot. You can not only feel the strength of the frame, but also test whether the body mechanics design of the whole vehicle is reasonable. A good design can ensure that the riding posture is extended, and you won't get tired even for a long distance.
4、 Brand recognition. The folding parts of folding bicycles can be moved, so the corresponding parts are required to have firm and reliable performance when riding. The frame of folding bicycles should be specially designed to have higher strength than ordinary bicycles. It must be designed and manufactured by professional manufacturers. In order to pursue high profits, manufacturers of miscellaneous cars often cut corners in paint baking, materials, spare parts, design and other aspects, and after-sales service is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, consumers should try their best to choose products from well-known enterprises to ensure your safety.
The small size, durability and comfort of folding bicycles are often a pair of contradictions that are difficult to reconcile. In order to meet the requirements of consumers, some enterprises often cover up the bad side by using the situation that consumers don't know much about folding car technology. When consumers choose to buy, they should observe more, think carefully, compare goods, weigh the pros and cons, and then they can buy what they want It's a great commodity.

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