Does the new bike need to be run in or not?


Cyclists who major in machinery or have some knowledge of this field all know that a newly bought bicycle must go through a period of running in. Only the correct running in can make the bicycle achieve the best performance, and the mechanical faults in the future can be minimized.
So, when we buy our car from the store, how to run in?
Running in method can be summarized in four words: normal use.
What is normal use? That is to say, when we need to ride a bicycle, just use it as ordinary people do. For example, some people seem to have endless power when riding a bicycle, riding fast, braking super hard, and the rear wheels often lock. All these are listed as abnormal riding.
After running in, it is in the best condition. It's not impossible to ride fast. It's just that the pressure on the braking system, the frame and the wheel set is a little high.
When using the newly bought bicycle, don't be too fast. Just keep it at 20 km / h. don't change gears too frequently. Run in one gear after another. That is to say, for example, if you use the first two and the second five for a period of time, then slowly change it to the first two and the last six. Run in each gear slowly, and don't run in. Ride according to your usual needs No matter it's a new car or an old car, try to avoid sudden braking, because the burden on the frame and braking system is a little heavy, which will damage the frame, although we can't see it with our naked eyes.
Finally, when we start riding, not only our bodies need to warm up, but also our bicycles need to warm up, and we don't need to be able to warm up. Just ride a long distance slowly.

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